12 Travel Booking Myths Busted

There are endless travel booking myths out there that can cloud your judgement or negatively impact your travel planning. This can be frustrating when traveling in your home country, but imagine traveling internationally and running into snags because you were not properly informed. We here at Dohop want to help you understand what is true or false about travel booking for Flights, hotels and car rentals.

Flight Booking Myths

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1. Buying a ticket at the last minute means a better deal. FALSE-ish. Many airlines have moved away from last minute booking sales. You’ll more often find flight deals or “flash sales” for flights either well in the future or within +/- three months of intended travel, depending on the destination’s high and low seasons. The usual rule of thumb for international travel however is the farther in advance you buy your tickets, the better the fare will be.

2. You can book tickets more than a year in advance. FALSE. Most airlines release their seats up to 11 months in advance only.

TIP: There is no better time than the present to book flights for the fall and your next international holiday travels. This time of year is a peak time for best pricing on flights for the fall and early 2017. See the best-priced destinations and dates, from where you are, with Dohop Go.

3. You always have the choice of booking a one-way ticket, instead of round trip. TRUE. Airlines let you book one-way tickets. But some countries will not allow travelers to visit the country if they don’t have a round trip ticket booked, or a proper visitor or work visa in place. It’s important to gather this info in advance.

4. Train travel is cheaper than air travel. FALSE. It’s a common myth that flights are more expensive than train tickets. But the truth is that air travel quite frequently is cheaper than train travel, especially since the introduction of low cost airlines like WOW air, Ryanair and easyJet.

5. You can change the name on a ticket. Somewhat FALSE. It really depends on the airline. Some will force you to buy a new ticket, while others will charge a fee to make any changes. It’s important to check an airline’s rules before buying a ticket.

6. Non-Refundable airfares are always non-Refundable. FALSE. In addition to being refundable without penalty within 24 hours of booking on most airlines, non-refundable fares are fully refundable if the flight is canceled, significantly delayed, or if the airline makes a significant schedule change before you depart. Many airlines also make special exceptions on a case by case basis for extenuating circumstances.

7. You can book bereavement fares, senior and child discounts. Mostly FALSE. Most airlines have stopped offering bereavement fares and senior discounts. Many airlines have special fares for children under 2 years old who will be sitting on a guardian’s lap. However, kids 3+ years generally have to pay full fare. It’s important to review each airline’s child travel policies and pricing and also ask for assistance in advance if needed.

Hotel Booking Myths


8. Your electronic room key card stores all of your personal and credit card info. FALSE. It doesn’t.

9. When a hotel says all of our rooms are the same, they mean it. FALSE. Every floor of every floor has structural differences. Room sizes and layouts may vary, popularity of different views change, and yet many times these rooms are listed under the same price category– identical in the eyes of the hotel inventory system.  No one wants the bad rooms. But, what is bad for one might be ideal for another! Read guest reviews and browse photos from review sites and contact the hotel if you have specific room preferences.

10. Mid-week prices are the cheapest. Partially TRUE and partially FALSE. Unlike mid-week airfares, larger hotels in larger cities such as Berlin, Warsaw, London and Barcelona, host many business meetings and conferences during the workweek, which lessens the number of rooms available and increases pricing. Smaller hotels or those in predominantly vacation destinations may have better rates for mid-week stays.

Car Rental Myths


11. Car rental companies are open 24 hours per day. FALSE. This is a common misconception and definitely worth looking into before selecting which rental car office from which to rent a car. If you’re car rental office is at a major airport, it is more likely to service customers 24 hours per day. However, smaller airports or rental offices in other non-airport locations may have restricted hours for pick-ups and drop-offs.

12. Rental cars charge full-day for an hour if you book at 23:00 Hours. FALSE. In fact, the booking timer only starts ticking from the moment your car arrives at the venue. So if you book the car at 11 PM on a Sunday, you pay three days rent only when you leave the car at 11 PM on Wednesday. Packaged rental deals, like those that have a flat rate for weekends, may have different rules, so it’s important to confirm the rental car office’s rental rules before booking.

How to do Reykjavik Iceland on a budget

How to spend time in Iceland like a local and not end up with an empty wallet?

A few tricks to get the most out of you stay in Reykjavik!

Our friends at the New Neighborhoods Festival and Chimes put together a great list of ways to do Reykjavik on the cheap.

Cheap Flights to Iceland













1. Fly cheap!

If you want to make your trip affordable, start by choosing a cheap flight. There are several low cost airlines flying directly from the US, UK and Europe to Reykjavik (Keflavik) and can be found on Dohop’s flight search engine. You can find return flights even for as little as approx. $250 (£77,€89, zł400) for off-season trips. 

2. Use a credit card for payments

You can spend your whole holidays without even seeing Icelandic krona! Cash in Iceland is not very customary, you can pay everywhere easily with credit card. That saves you ATM charges, etc.


3. Hostels

Hotels are rather expensive in Iceland. Fares often start from approx. $220 (£160,€200, zł860) per night for a double room in a 3-star hotel. Try staying in one of the many charming or hipster (depending on your style preferences) hostels downtown. If you pick KEX, you might get a chance to see the next big act from Iceland as its bar hosts live music nights – from jazz Tuesdays to indie Saturdays and KEXP sessions during Iceland Airwaves.

4. Self drive

If you plan on going out of town, rent a car and drive on your own. This way you will be able to see more, travel independently and really feel Icelandic nature – stop whenever you like and change your route according to the weather (although Icelanders say wait 5 minutes for the rain to stop, check the weather in advance and adjust your daily destinations accordingly so that you make the most of your trip.

5. Night out in Reykjavik

Fancy a beer? Hanging out in a famous Kaffibarinn and sipping local Gull? Unless you know where and when to go for happy hour, be prepared to spend approx. $10 (£7,€9, zł40) for 0.5l glass! Don’t worry there is a way to make your night out affordable. If you don’t know any locals who will guide you to the nearest special deal, download Appy Hour app (Android /iOS) and save up to 50% on each drink.

6. Dining out

Icelandic cuisine might not be too impressive – don’t be fooled by weird Icelandic delicacies such as fermented shark or marinated sheep testicles, Icelandic cuisine has more to offer. For lunch, try a simple but deliciously prepared and beautifully served catch of the day (arctic char, cod, among others) for approx. $13(£10,€12, zł50). Don’t pay for soda but rather drink tap water with your meal – it’s the best and cleanest water there is. It is more healthy than your regular choice of soda and you don’t have to pay for it – how great is that!

If fish is not on top of your food choices, go to one of the best-deals-kind-of places such as Kryddlegin Hjortu on Hverfisgata where you can eat tasty dinner with 2 for 1 deal.

7. Shopping

Best souvenir to bring from Iceland? Traditional beautifully knitted sweater from Icelandic wool aka loppapeysa. Go native and buy it in one of the red cross stores were you can find them at least 50% cheaper. Or if you know how to knit – buy yourself a bag of wool of your choice, find your favourite pattern online and knit one yourself! 

Pro tip: Don’t forget to get a “tax free” receipt for any items you purchase over 6,000 ISK, so you can get a tax refund.  24% VAT is usually built into the price tag on retail items. So, you’ll want to get that back.

8. Do the pool like a local

One of the best things in Iceland are the outdoor geothermal swimming pools. If you plan to stay a couple of days in Reykjavik or you travel in a group, go for 10 entrance card instead of buying single ticket every time you go for a swim. It will help you save up to 50% on each bath.

Tips for Saving Money While on Vacation

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The Top Miami Hotel Pools

Discover the best travel destinations for this year. Do not miss out on this.Discover the best travel destinations for this year. Do not miss out on this. Discover the best travel destinations for this year. Do not miss out on this. Discover the best travel destinations for this year.

Do not miss out on this. Discover the best travel destinations for this year. Do not miss out on this. Discover the best travel destinations for this year. Do not miss out on this.

Some great tips to pack effectively

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